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Prince of Light by K. C. Rivers

Prince of Light - K.C. Rivers

Prince of Light by K.C. Rivers is very well written and the characters are fleshed out nicely. The plot pacing is sometimes a little uneven, but I find this happening so often in the fantasy genre that I've stopped subtracting stars for it. I found a lot of the concepts unique and well executed. Evanthe, the main character, was complex and interesting, though toward the end she did annoy me a smidge. Not enough to knock off an entire star, but enough for me to gripe a little bit.


The love triangle in this is what TWILIGHT should have been. There are no vampires, no werewolves (well, sort of), but the feelings and interactions were what it SHOULD have had. That being said, I have the same problem with this book that I had with that one.


<spoiler>Despite mutual attraction, in-depth interaction, side-by-side character development, etc etc -- she ends up with the other guy! You know, the pale, rich, immortal, with soulful eyes and a tragic back story? Yeah, him. And while she's admitting that she has real feelings for Delanor, she's off promising never to leave the Prince's side!</spoiler>


There were a few other little things, like Evanthe's level of caring whether she ever made it home or not and her lack of questioning what happened to her family. It just didn't seem real enough for a 17-year-old girl separated from her parents in such a way. Also, while I enjoyed the fact that not everyone could speak English, I do wish we've been given more than two words in the other language. A sentence or two here and there would have been nice.


I did thoroughly enjoy the description of the library. I was in the break room at work and totally yelled out loud, "Hey, that's the library from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!" Very nicely done.


Overall, despite what probably seems like my incessant griping, this was a really well executed book that I think a lot of fantasy fans will enjoy. As I said before, there was plenty of depth to the plot, the characters were well rounded, I didn't figure out everything before things were revealed, and it made me want to read the next one. A solid four stars.